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Commentary: Xi’s Vietnam, Singapore visit builds new diplomatic furniture in Southeast Asia

BEIJING, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping’s just concluded state visit to Vietnam and Singapore has contributed to further promoting China’s friendship with the two countries and building new diplomatic furniture in Southeast Asian countries.

Xi’s 27-hour stay in Hanoi seems to be very brief, but has yielded landmark achievements.

Vietnam gave a rare high-profile welcome to Xi and his entourage during the visit, the first of its kind since Xi took office.

During the visit, China and Vietnam reached an agreement on feasibility study of the Hanoi-Lao Cai-Hai Phong Railway project in northern Vietnam, according to a joint communique issued Friday.

China and Vietnam have been in close contact on infrastructure cooperation and the deal can be regarded as a model for win-win cooperation between the two countries, as both sides expect connection of China’s Belt and Road Initiative with Vietnam’s Two Corridors and One Economic Circle plan.

The Chinese president also touched upon hot-button issues such as the dispute over the South China Sea, reiterating China’s stance on the maritime disputes between the two countries, and urging the two sides to properly manage and control differences between them, safeguard stability at sea and focus more on cooperation.

According to the joint communique, China and Vietnam agreed to launch a joint survey mission on the waters outside the mouth of the Beibu Gulf in December, marking the start of further maritime cooperation between the two countries.

During talks with Vietnamese leaders, Xi urged the two sides to inherit and maintain the "comradely and brotherly" traditional friendship.

Chinese and Vietnamese peoples fought against invaders hand-in-hand in the history, and now share the same cause for building a prosperous country, Xi said while addressing the Vietnamese parliament.

It is a shared view from both sides that Xi’s visit will strengthen China-Vietnam economic, political and cultural ties, which is in line with the two peoples’ wishes and desires.

During Xi’s visit to Singapore, top leaders of the two countries had candid, cordial and in-depth discussion on bilateral ties as well as regional and international issues of common interest, and reached broad consensus in many areas, according to a joint statement issued at the end of Xi’s state visit.

It also said China and Singapore agreed to build a partnership of all-round cooperation keeping with the times.

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong updated his Facebook account Saturday, saying Singapore has signed several agreements with China, including the third government-to-government project in Chongqing in southwest China, launch of the negotiations on an upgrade of the China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, and collaboration on education, urban management and the customs.

These positive developments will definitely bring about more opportunities for mutual exchange, trade, investments and development, noted Lee, who also said Xi’s visit has further deepened bilateral warm and substantial ties.

Therefore, both countries need to avail themselves of the fine opportunity brought about by Xi’s visit to usher in greater innovation and pragmatic cooperation.

Xi’s state visit, which came in a year marking the 65th anniversary of the establishment of China-Vietnam diplomatic relations as well as the 25th anniversary of the establishment of China-Singapore diplomatic ties, will definitely contribute to building new diplomatic furniture in Southeast Asian countries and bringing about more development opportunities for all parties concerned.


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